Top 10 Things to explore in Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad

Top 10 Things to explore in Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad

Top 10 Things to explore in Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad

No doubt Ramoji Film City is one of the major attractions in Hyderabad. If you are going to Hyderabad, you must visit this place as this place is quite unique in many ways. It can be a dreamland for you if you are fan of movies. You can relate your life to movies here when you will see a huge building in heart of this place and you will feel like that you know this building. You will recall …OMG…its same building where Amitabh Bacchan was living in Survansham! You will walk little forward and you will see a familiar lush green ground. You will scratch your mind little and you will feel with joy to see a sculpture of lady leg. This is a ground where O La La O La La song of Dirty picture was shot! You feel like exploring further then you will find yourself walking on a street of an abandoned Small Town. It will look like familiar to you and suddenly you will recall this place as this is the same place where Diwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge had been filmed. Ramoji Film City has kept so many memories of several films making in its campus. You will find it really incredible. I have been in many Theme parks of the world but Ramoji has its own class.

Ramoji Film City is located almost 28 Km away from Hyderabad. It will take 45 minutes to reach Ramoji Film City from airport in a cab. You will find a Ramoji Film City Counter just in front of Arrival Gate of Airport. You will be greeted by staffs. You may book and avail services for Ramoji Film City there.

Ramoji Film City is unique combination of a Theme City and Amusement Park. Lately many rides and adventure points have been added to it for children as well as adults.

Ramoji Film City has one 3 Star Hotel, named Tara and one 5 Star Hotel, called Sitara within the campus. If you are foodie and you are in Ramoji Film City, it means you are in heaven.  You will get verity of options. Ramoji Film City has really world class restaurants.

  1. Studio Tour : If you have a Movie Keeda, then do go for this tour to see beautiful film locations. See the famous Japanese Garden, Mughal Garden, Aksari Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Angel’s Fountain garden and many more. You will get a life time experience.
  2. Adventure Sports : If you love to challenge yourself then “ SAHAS” is your place in Ramoji Film City. Enjoy sports like Bunjee Jumping, Climpbing, Swinging, beach Volleyball, Scooter Riding, Paint Ball and many more. If you are visiting here with your friends, fun will be doubled.
  3. Movie Magic Park : Here in this park you can enjoy some astonishing moments of earthquake tremors and some other effects like a free fall.
  4. The Bird Park : The Park is naturally landscaped with striking native plants, ingrown flora creating a harmonious ecosystem for the birds to thrive in. WINGS with its harmony of ecosystem and symphony of colours juxtaposed by tweeting and chirpings, whistling and singing promises to mesmerise tourists at once… The large, open, naturalistic aviary with an eclectic collection of birds has created a perfect habitat for the feathered creatures. A good fun experience for your kids.
  5. Live Show: Watch interesting and enthralling Live Shows like Wild West Stunt Shows, Spirit of Ramoji, a variety of Street shows, Dome Theatre Shows, and opening and closing ceremonies. There are truly thrilling shows put up by skilled artists and they will make you enthralled by their performance.
  6. Kids Park : If you are visiting Ramoji Film City along with your kids, you must visit the famous Kids Park, where you can enjoy a plethora of fun activities and rides like Wonderville, Borasura, Dadajinn’s Ark, Thrillville Rides, Enthraller, Ballerina Fount, Timberland and many more. Kids would love to enjoy these rides and shows.
  7. Eureka: If you wish to go down the ancient historical times and experience the Mughal Period or the majestic Mauryans time, you must visit Eureka. This is the right place for you. You will be left awestruck by the magnificent displays of national as well as international cultural artifacts.
  8. Eco Zone: If you love the proximity with nature, you must visit the famous Eco Zone, where you can enjoy amazing gardens, each popular for its unique feature. For instance, Bonsai Garden is a beautiful garden where you can see a huge variety of delightful Bonsai varieties. You will feel like you are in a Lili Put World.
  9. Amazing Food: As I had mentioned earlier if you are a passionate foodie, you must try a variety of delicacies at some of the amazing restaurants in the Film City. Some of the major restaurants are Chanakya, Gun-Smoke, Alampana, Superstar and more that are sure to enhance your taste buds. A variety of food options can be tried and tasted in these restaurants.
  10. Shopping: The Ramoji film city is truly a shoppers’ paradise with its amazing Meena Bazaar, Movie Magic Memorabilia, and Wild West Souvenirs, to shop till you drop. You can pick up souvenirs as well as many interesting handicrafts.





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